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Midsummer Sound Festival

Ages 5 - 24

CANCELLED!  Unfortunately, we have stopped running since 2024.  Please contact director Janice LaMarre at to participate in a few, smaller summer events.

A Fun & Immersive Learning Environment

Midsummer Sound Festival encompasses a children's music camp

 and a festival of Classical concerts in Midhurst and Barrie, Ontario

Juilliard-trained faculty members give daily lessons to each student.  Students perform a solo piece Thurdays and may play in the Concerto Competition on Mondays.

Students learn to collaborate, communicate, listen intently, and interpret music with their friends, through daily faculty coaching and independent work, culminating in Friday's final performance.

Daily extras include choir practice, impromptu chess games, art class, jazz piano class, water balloon fights, fresh fruit for snacks, and the freedom to do student-led rehearsals

Students walk through the woods daily to the Midhurst Tennis Club to be coached for an hour by highly-qualified children's tennis instructor Martin Nixdorf

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